History of Scouting in the City of Sheffield 1915-1920

Jack Cornwell is posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross
'The Wolf Cub Handbook' is published

Due to enlistment and loss in battle, the number of active Officers and Scouts is significantly reduced
In March 1916, the Scout Mobilisation Scheme is ended with the Scouts being replaced by a buzzer system. However, the Police later ask the Scouts to cooperate in air raid organisation
Sheffield Scouts also take part in Coastguard duties particularly in 'Dorsetshire'

Field Days are held by Southern and Eastern Districts

Scouts fund raise over £70 (2015 - over £7000) for the 'Scouts Ambulance' in service at the Front.

Until now, the standard colour of the Scout shirt has been blue. This is discontinued, with Troops being able to choose any colour approved by HQ
The Roll of Honour continues to grow

By now 110 Officers and 277 Scouts are in the forces (63 are from 3rd (Walkley) and 69 from 9th (Hallam)).

Scouts act as hospital orderlies

City Scouts continue with their Coastguard duties

The Scouts take part in a fete organised by Belgians living in Sheffield and a large number of Troops parade under District Scout Masters marching from Norfolk Street to Weston Park
Women over 30 are allowed to vote
The school leaving age is raised to 14
The first scheme for Senior Scouts is introduced

The total of those Called to Higher Service reaches 56 names

A number of inter-Troop competitions are initiated:
Troop Trophy - Winners 11th (Pitsmoor)
Ambulance Cup - 2nd (Darnall)
Lifesaving Cup - 58th (Brightside Mission)
Swimming Cup - 56th (Heeley)
Col. Leslie's Allotment Prize - 45th (Ryegate)

Sheffield Scouts help with the flax harvest, providing all the workforce at Holbeach in Lincolnshire, and camping there for over a month
The Scouts continue with air raid duties, with 11th (Pitsmoor), at the request of the Military Authorities, supplying a number of Scouts to work with a reduced Army Team at the Parkwood Anti-Aircraft Gun Station - seven Scouts on the gun and two on the searchlight

In Central District, the first Rover Troop is formed with the name 'The Lord Mayor's Own Troop of Baden Powell Rovers'
The end of World War One
The Senior Scout Section is renamed 'Rover Scouts'

Leaders and Scouts return from military service, increasing the census numbers to an estimated 3800 Officers and boys

Following an appeal by 'The Sheffield Telegraph and Star' which raises over £624 (2015 - £38,000), SLABS employs an Organising Secretary in offices at 6, East Parade

By now, there is a significant number of Wolf Cub Packs in the City and a District Cubmaster is appointed. A Pack Trophy is initiated

As part of Victory Loan Week, a special parade is held, with Troops and Packs marching through the main streets of the City to Norfolk Park

In July, about 2000 Scouts and Wolf Cubs parade at Barker's Pool and march to Norfolk Park where they are inspected by Sir John Alcock and Sir Arthur Brown (of trans-Atlantic flight fame)

The Chief Scout, Lord Baden Powell, visits the City Scouts, inspecting 400 Wolf Cubs and visiting the new Scout Offices. In the evening, he presents a number of awards and prizes in the Victoria Hall
Six Assistant District Commissioners are appointed (Rovers now being considered as a District)

The 'Ladies Sewing Party' produces 100 pairs of shorts and 50 shirts for the Scouts, with 20 boys making their own

A 'Scoutcraft Exhibition' is held at the Central Secondary School on Leopold Street with the object of advertising the Movement and raising funds

The major event of the year is the First World Scout Jamboree which takes place at Olympia. Preparation and training starts early in the year, particularly for physical training, boxing and Fire Brigade and Ambulance Work, with two local jamborees being held at Hillsborough Barracks. Two 'Good Turn Days' are organised by the Scouts themselves, to assist fund raising activities
Sheffield sends 420 Rovers, Scouts and Cubs along with 56 Officers to the Jamboree. They camp at Lords Cricket Ground. Prizes are won for Fire Brigade Displays, Handicrafts and Boxing, with the members of the Fire Brigade Display Team being awarded the 'Tortoise of Perseverance' (a souvenir designed by the Chief Scout for the Best Performance illustrating a particular branch of Scouting)
During the Jamboree Week, a cricket match is played at Lords between Sheffield and London Scouts - the winners being the London Scouts


Events in italics either refer to national Scouting events (more information on these can be found here)
or UK/international historical events

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