History of Scouting in the City of Sheffield 1930-1935

Following the Wall Street Crash the depression bites and unemployment rises sharply

The main event of the year is the 'Beehive Exhibition' held for three days at the Cutlers Hall with over 120,000 people attending it

Several Troops camp abroad in Jamaica, Switzerland, Czecho-Slovakia and Belgium with a Dutch Troop being guests of a Sheffield Group
The National Wolf Cub Conference takes place in St Augustine's Hall (home of the 59th (St Augustine's)) which is presided over by the HQ Commissioner for Cubs, F J Colquon. Wolf Cubs from the five Divisions entertain the delegates with a number of displays before visits are made to various local works and the Cripple Group at King Edward VII Hospital. Saturday afternoon and the Sunday are taken up with discussion and the presentation of papers. Several hundred Scouters attend the Conference

Major Guy Wentworth of Woolley Park places a large tract of land, known as Notton Park - between Barnsley and Wakefield, at the disposal of the County for use as a camping ground

The Annual Wolf Cub Rally takes place at the Farm Grounds (an area where Sheffield City College now stands) owned by the Duke of Norfolk
About 2000 Scouts and Cubs travel from Sheffield to Pontefract Racecourse to join about 30000 others at the All Yorkshire Rally(1) to greet the Chief Scout, B-P

A contingent of 15 Scouts and Scouters take part in the 4th World Scout Jamboree in Gondollo in Hungary
'Lightnight', an illuminated fête, is held with sideshows, fireworks and illuminations

A Scouters' Conference is held in Church House and the YMCA

In 1934, King George V establishes an annual event at Windsor, the Royal Review of Scouts, for Scouts who had been awarded the King's Scout badge. A contingent of First Class Scouts from Sheffield attend a service at St George's Chapel, Windsor and take part in the march past

The first Local Association Wolf Cub Camp is held at Grimbocar with over 100 Cubs and Leaders camping
Slum clearances in the centre of the City (Park Hill, South Street, Duke Street, Norwich Street and Long Henry Street) and lack of meeting places on the new estates force the closure of several Groups

King George V's Jubilee is celebrated by the Boy Scouts who create a chain of bonfires from Land's End to John O'Groats. Sheffield Scouts are responsible for five beacons linking Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire

A Scouters' Conference is held in the Cutlers' Hall

As result of administrative changes, Sheffield is now in the Scout County of Yorkshire, West Riding South

SLABS decides to have a two-year campaign to raise funds for the purchase of the of their own HQ. Lord Riverdale and Sir Charles Clifford initiate the appeal each donating £100 (2015 - £6400)


Events in italics refer to national Scouting Events. More information on these can be found here.
Numbers in brackets [1234] are links to more information in the Sheffield Scout Archives.

(1) British Pathé have an incorrect date for the film

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