History of Scouting in the City of Sheffield 1945-1950

World War II ends
The 'Road Ahead' is published - the recommendations of a Commission set up to consider the development of post-war Scoutng

During the Second World War, 54 Leaders and Scouts lose their lives whilst on Active Service
The City Executive Committee organises monthly Welcome Home parties to give demobilising Rovers and Leaders the opportunity to renew old acquaintances.
During the war, the duties undertaken by the Scouts of Sheffield included:
the erection and dismantling of 1200 indoor air raid shelters;
the collection of 375 tons of scrap metal along with 100 tons of waste paper;
over 75000 hours worked on farms;
and over 30000 hours of forestry work.

The City is visited by the Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan, who is given a Civic Reception and attends a Rally in Abbeydale Park. At the Rally, a Pageant 'Blazing a Trail for Tomorrow' is performed by some 3000 Scouts from all over the County. In the evening, following a torchlight procession from the City Hall, the Rover Scouts hold a campfire at the Farm Grounds. On the Sunday, the Chief Scout opens the Rover Conference at the City Hall
The Senior Scout section is started
A new 'Plan for Rover Scouts' is introduced

'Scout Week' is held in June, to enable the public to see the various activities employed in the training of Youth throughout the City. Group Church Parades are held followed by two evenings when Groups hold 'Open Nights'. Other activities include a Swimming Gala and Divisional activities in the parks. There was also 'Good Turn Day'. Finally, there is a display held in the grounds of King Edward VII School followed by a Scout Variety held in the City Hall
58 Scouts and 4 Leaders attend the 6th World Jamboree at Moisson near Paris. Before boarding the train at Sheffield's Victoria Station, they are inspected by the Lord Mayor. The cost per Scout is £20

To celebrate 40 years of Scouting, Sheffield joins a nationwide drive to enrol all former Scouts in a new organisation 'The BP Guild of Former Scouts'

Imperal Headquarters introduces a long service award for Leaders and Officials with no less than 15 years' service - over 50 members of the Sheffield Association are immediately eligible.
The National Health Service is founded
The B-P Guild of Old Scouts is inaugurated

The Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan, visits the City and is entertained to lunch at the Town Hall. At the City Hall, he is the speaker at a meeting to inaugurate 'The BP Guild of Former Scouts' in Sheffield. Already, 25 branches have opened in Sheffield

Plans are drawn up to extend the Headquarters at Trippet Lane

The Chief Scout launches a national 'Bob-a-Job' week, where each member is asked to earn a minimum of one shilling

Due to ongoing financial difficulties, the Association's magazine 'Woodsmoke' is discontinued.
Eight King's Scouts represent the City in the Guard of Honour to HRH Princess Margaret when she visits the City.
First National Bob-a-Job Week

The Scouts of Sheffield raise £608 for the first national Bob-a-Job Week1 with the Lord Mayor providing the first job of the week to 11th (Pitsmoor), asking them to clean the lower half of the City War Memorial in Barkers Pool

Groups continue to fund raise and build their own HQs and the 228th (Langsett Road) are the first to complete construction since the end of the Second World War. This is opened by the Chief Constable

The Association pledges support to a scheme to develop a County Camping Ground at Hesley Park, Chapeltown and undertakes to provide £500 of the estimated £1800 costs
In June, the first edition of 'Scout News', a monthly bulletin to replace 'Woodsmoke' is published.
Senior Scout Patrols from across the City take part in the first Holmstrom Trophy Competition. It is won by a Patrol from 167th (King Edward VII School) Troop

The Senior Scouts also compete in a challenge competition for a large knobbly bone known as the 'Bone of Contention'

Twelve Sheffield Rover Scouts attend the Fourth World Rover Moot in Norway.


1A 'bob' was the slang for one shilling - one twentieth of a pound - and equivalent to about £1.25 in 2015

Events in italics either refer to national Scouting events (more information on these can be found here)
or UK/international historical events

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