History of Scouting in the City of Sheffield 1970-1975

The UK minimum age for voting is lowered from 21 to 18
Bob-a-Job Week scheme is renamed 'Scout Job Week' in anticipation of decimalisation

The membership of the City's Scout Section increases by 13% and the annual membership census shows a rise of 5% in total membership despite one Group failing to accept the rules of the Scout Association (207th Sheffield (Bents Green Methodist)) and consequently having its membership cancelled (more).

Various Packs carry out 'Good Turns' in support of Cheshire Homes, the Telegraph Buzzer Fund and the Save the Children Fund

A National PLs Council (one of five) is held at Hesley Wood

As part of International Conservation Year, Scouts from the City take part in canal clearing and forestry
The school leaving age is raised to 16
A new Scout World Membership Badge is introduced
Lord Maclean retires as Chief Scout

A Japanese themed County Cub Day is held at Hesley Wood

The Chief Scout visits Hesley Wood

The formation of Vulcan Venture Scout Unit in Loxley District means that now each District has at least one VSU. Meanwhile, in Rivelin District, North Rivelin and Ranmoor VSUs amalgamate to form the Sir Stuart Goodwin VSU, and in Norfolk District Linley Valley and Norven VSUs register as one Unit

A Ranger Guide / Venture Scout Council is established to arrange joint events

After decades of searching , in October 1971 Sheffield City Scout Council acquires the Great Hucklow Village Players Theatre. It is to be converted into a hostel for Scout parties visiting the Peak District
Sir William Gladstone is appointed Chief Scout

The Cubs of the City, as a Good Turn, help to provide a Landrover and equipment to assist the native population of Bhutal in their agriculture

The Ranger / Venture Scout Council produces its own newsletter 'Raven' and joint activities in the form of an annual FolkFest, an activities weekend at Whiteley Woods and a Christmas Social take place. A joint entry by Sheffield's Scouts and Guides wins the 'Sir Stuart Goodwin Prize' for their float in the annual Lord Mayor's Parade

Great Hucklow Scout Centre is opened by the Duke of Norfolk

The City's Scout Guild joins forces with the Guildsmen of Region 'C' to erect a Scout Chalet at Hesley Wood

The 'Rivelin Review', a monthly magazine produced by Rivelin District wins second prize in a national competition run by 'Scouting' magazine
The Scout Association launches a new corporate identity symbol - 'Scouts' - incorporating the fleur-de-lys badge in the place of the 'o' in the word 'Scouts'

The closure of Wentworth District (formed in 1922) means that the Groups of Wentworth, Ecclesfield and Stocksbridge return to the umbrella of Sheffield City Scout Association (Stocksbridge joining Loxley District and Outibridge joining Don District) with Stocksbridge VSU merging into Vulcan VSU

The Sir Stuart Goodwin VSU divides into Group based Units with the remaining members forming a branch of the BP Guild

Having been initiated in 1973, 'Air Activities' grow in popularity with courses for the Airman and Senior Airman badges being run. The latter includes a four-hour navigation exercise in the Cairngorms

Mrs Nell Brammar, for nine years General Secretary of the Local Association retires and Mrs Catherine Johnson is appointed in her stead


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