History of Scouting in the City of Sheffield 1990-1996

A new Cub Scout Programme is launched

The City's Beavers hold a day long 'Helping Others' to develop international understanding. Their efforts at stamp collecting as part of 'Scouts Go for a Million' are rewarded with a day of activities at Scout HQ where they visit bases representing 12 countries. Over half the City's beavers take part - eating spaghetti and fruit kebabs, tasting blackcurrant wine, making ice cream and amongst other activities making windmills. They also present the Scout Holiday Homes Trust with the proceeds of the sale of the 750,000 postage stamps

Despite overall falling membership, two new Cup Packs are opened at 15th (St Paul's) and at 225th (St William and St Wilfred) (its second Pack). On the negative side a Pack in in each of Rivelin and Porter District closes

All six Districts are invited to provide Venture Scouts for the Guard of Honour at the Annual Service of Remembrance at Barkers Pool

Eight Scouts and four Scouters take part in the National Scout Sailing Regatta

As part of a drive to maximise publicity for Scouting in Sheffield, a group of about twenty Leaders attend a presentation -'Photo-Call' - given by the Picture Editor of Sheffield Newspapers, which deals with the production of photographs suitable for newspapers

Due to Sheffield Wednesday Football Club being in the Cup Final at Wembley (they lost 2-1 in the replay) on the same day, whilst the Services go ahead as normal the Annual St George's Day Parade and March Past do not take place
Changes are made to the Royal Charter and girls are allowed to be invested in the younger Sections of the Movement
In August 1992, the Chief Commissioner initiates a review of the necessity for "mid-tier" bodies (eg SCSA) and the Count Commisioner for South Yorkshire, Neil Leatherland, reports to the review that he cannot justify the existence of SCSA. This is the beginning of a five year saga, which some would say has all the elements of a television soap - drama, suspense, egos, jealousies, oversights, backtracking etc. The whole sad story can be found here
The Channel Tunnel opens
The National Lottery begins
July 1993 sees the end of Scouting training and activities under a City organisation led by a City Commissioner and from now on District Commissioners are responsible directly to the County Commissioner for the operation of their District. SCSC continues to control and operate the assets of the City on behalf of the Districts but maintains no role in representing uniformed Scouting.
Sheffield City Scout Council becomes Sheffield Scout Resources Charity, an independent Charity responsible to its members, the five Scout Districts of Sheffield.


Events in italics either refer to national Scouting events (more information on these can be found here)
or UK/international historical events

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