Wentworth Local Association of Boy Scouts (WLABS)

Whilst this website primarily records the history of Sheffield Scout Associations,
part of their history involves the Wentworth Local Association of Boy Scouts (WLABS).

The Association was formed on 27 May 1921 when six Troops and three Packs from northeast Sheffield
were transferred from SLABS.

1st Wentworth (Ecclesfield)
1st wentworth The Troop was originally the 25th Sheffield (Ecclesfield). In 1974, on the closure of Wentworth District, it returned to Sheffield as the 25th Sheffield and is still active.
2nd Wentworth (Wentworth)
2nd wentworth Originally the 41st Sheffield (Wentworth) whilst part of SLABS, with the records showing that it comprised a Troop (and a Rover) and no Pack, records subsequently show that fairly soon after transferring to Wentworth District, it only comprised a Pack. (The Cubmaster was Lady Donatia Wentworth Fitzwilliam and the Pack met at "The Club Room" in the stable yard at Wentworth Woodhouse).
3rd Wentworth (Burncross)
3rd Wentworth (Chapeltown)
neckerchief The 3rd Wentworth (Burncross) was originally the 82nd Sheffield (Burncross). In 1921, it absorbed the 105th Sheffield (St Saviour's Mortomley) and the 33rd Sheffield (St John's Chapeltown) at which point it changed its name to the 3rd Wentworth (Chapeltown). In 1974, it rejoined SLABS as the 82nd Sheffield (Chapeltown). Also in 1974, the 33rd Sheffield (Lane End Chapeltown) joined Sheffield from Wentworth District - its Group Name and Number with Wentworth District are currently unknown (if all this sounds as though the Archivist is totally confused - you are correct!)
4th Wentworth (Tankersley)
4th wentworth This Troop was originally the 111th Sheffield (Tankersley). Its subsequent history is unknown.
5th Wentworth (Grenoside)
This Troop may have originally been 14th Sheffield (Grenoside). It was initially short lived in Wentworth District, opening in 1921 and closing in 1924. It then reaffiliated in 1932 and is still open