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Douglas Cass
1909 -1987

"Douglas almost timed his arrival to coincide with the official formation of the 16th (Westbourne). His family were connected with the Group from its early days and Douglas joined them in 1921. He was to remain a member to the end and his service as Scout, Leader and Group President spanning sixty-six years can rarely have been excelled.

This is remarkable enough, but in addition he served as District Scoutmaster of the old Crookesmoor Division and later as Assistant City Commissioner (Scouts) - resigning in 1967 because he was 'too old to learn new tricks and it wasn't worth buying a new uniform' (his words).

Too old or not, when the City Scout Council bought the Village Theatre in Great Hucklow for conversion to an Activity Centre, Douglas was soon busy organising working parties. He became the first warden and had a strong influence on every aspect of the Centre's development. His idea of slowing down - when well in his seventies - was to resign as Warden and to become Secretary, promptly expanding the scope of his duties.

During the past eleven years he lived and breathed the Hucklow Walk. To many the 'Walk' is a one day affair but the organisation lasts from one event through to the next. This dedication has provided the foundation for a ten-fold increase in the number of walkers, a tremendous boost to funds and enjoyment to thousands.

The Movement recognised his service by the award of the Medal of Merit (1952), the Silver Acorn (1966) and Bar (1981).

Throughout he enjoyed enthusiastic support at home. Our deepest sympathy is extended to Jean ('Bill') Lesley, Andy and all the family.
We share their loss but give thanks for the privilege of knowing this true gentleman, great Scout and real friend who is now 'o'er greener hills'

From a Tribute in Scout News