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Alfred 'Ting' Bell

"It is with sorrow that we, in Sheffield Scouting circles, record the death of Alfred "Ting" Bell on 13th June, 1979.

There were many facets to his life. Born and bred in this city, and living all his life here, apart from necessary absences for the odd war or two, he was prominent as a family man, businessman, Freemason, soldier and churchman.
But it is for his work in the cause of Scouting that he will be remembered by us.

He first commenced his active Scouting in 1925, as Scout Master with the 79th Sheffield (St Timothy's Church) Group - a connection that has never been severed until now. Other appointments he held with distinction over the years were: Commissioner to the Southern Division, and later, the Hillsborough Division; Chairman and President of the Loxley District; and Sheffield City Commissioner. And, in addition, he served on most local and County Scouting Committees. During all this activity, he found time to play a part at Hesley Wood as Chairman of the Management Committee and to show close interest in its maintenance as the county training and camping site. These activities earned him recognition, in turn, in the shape of the Medal of Merit, the Silver Acorn, and finally, the Silver Wolf was presented in 1966 by the Chief Scout, Sir Charles Maclean, at the County Rally at the Cutlers' Hall.

As far as the man is concerned, he had an archetypal sense of humour, and a gregarious spirit. He was fun-loving, and required activity always. An outstanding trait has always been an abiding interest in and support for young people. Many who have benefitted from his generosity have never known that he was their benefactor, so modest and quiet has he been in this respect. It is only latterly that he was somewhat restricted by indifferent health and minor infirmity and any resulting impatience he showed was because he could not do more.

Sheffield Scouting is the poorer for his passing, and be long remembered. May we express our sympathy to Mrs Bell and her family at this time

From a Tribute by Colin Makin in Scout News