Sheffield Scout Archives




William Geoffrey Lockwod "Wiggles" Smith
1896 -1979

"When Scouting was in its early days, 'Skipper' was inspired to revive a Troop in Ranmoor. He arranged a meeting for some six boys in the coach house at the rear of 11 Whitworth Road and after consultations with the Vicar, the 36th Sheffield (Ranmoor) Scout Group was officially re-registered on the 4th March 1927 with Skipper as Scoutmaster. Subsequently, for a short period, meetings were held in the hut in Lord Riverdale's home. Then in 1931, a lease was obtained from the Church for a plot of land in Benty Lane and a hut was erected, entirely financed by Geoffrey Smith. Scouting flourished.

In 1964, this hut was replaced by the present brick building, again generously provided by Geoffrey Smith. Much more could be said of 'Wiggles' but his record speaks for itself: Scoutmaster 11.3.27 to 22.6.31; Rover Scout Leader 24.7.31 until 4.10.46; Group Scoutmaster 3.7.31. until 5.10.67 (Warrant cancelled to make way for a younger man!); Assistant City Commissioner 2.4.62 until 31.3.71; Member of the Sheffield Scout Council Executive; Wood Badge Holder 8.8:29. Awards: Long Service Decoration 1.5.48; Medal of Merit 27.1.40; Silver Acorn 26.5.48; Silver Wolf 6.66.

Skipper was a highly intelligent, industrious, conscientious and mild-mannered man who dedicated his life to the service of others. Lord Baden-Powell would, I feel, have described 'Wiggles' as the 'perfect disciple'.

'Heigho! How one lives in the old days now! It's pleasant dreaming! Where are they now, old friends of the bivouac? In their graves belike! ... But the moon shines on the quiet sod. We used to say, that as she neared the full, she'd keep keep our memories bright, and there she shines! Over the tent ridge here and there over the old hut. I might be campaigning again on the wide fields under the stars and my head might be pillowed upon they rucksack, they and I still youngsters'."

From a Tribute in Scout News by J W Buckland