History of Scouting in the City of Sheffield 1950-1955

This year, Sheffield Troops raise £1,010 for the (second) national Bob-a-Job Week with the 140th (St Cuthbert's) Troop carrying out the first job for the Lord Mayor - visiting old people's flats on the Southey Estate to lend a hand with household duties

King's Scout John B Wenniger of 167th (King Edward VII School) Troop is selected by IHQ to be one of the eight Scouts to represent Great Britain at the American Jamboree at Valley Forge in Pennsylvania (more)

In July, the first City Wolf Cub Soap Box Derby is held in Norfolk Park
Due to various limitations on numbers, Sheffield is restricted to sending 21 Scouts and 2 Leaders to the 7th World Scout Jamboree at Bad Ischl in Austria.

The third National Bob-a-Job Week raises £1422. First jobs for the Lord Mayor were carried out by10th (Mount Tabor), 128th (Wadsley Bridge), 131st (Birley Carr) and 20th (Ecclesall Churches) Scout Troops, the last being asked to clean the mayoral car.

In an event sponsored by 'The Scout' magazine, Sheffield Scouts enter the National Soapbox Derby. Five cars are entered into the semi-final in Leeds with one by the 232nd (St Mark's, Malin Bridge) reaching the finals in Scarborough

The Scouts join the Sheffield Association of Girl Guides in a joint display at the City Hall on 22nd February - Thinking Day
George VI dies
The beret, as an alternative head-dress, is introduced for Rover and Senior Scouts

Due to the deterioration of the financial position of Imperial Headquarters (IHQ), the Chief Scout asks all scouts in the country to earn 2/-d (equivalent to £2.50 in 2015) during the fourth National Bob-a-Job Week. Sheffield Scouts respond by raising £1621, £464 being sent to IHQ (almost 7/-d for each uniformed member of SLABS

The 232nd (St Mark's Malin Bridge) win the semifinals of the National Soapbox Derby in Leeds and are placed 3rd in the final in Southport

Four Sheffield Scouters attend the World Scouters Indabla at Gilwell in July

Plans for extensions to the City's Headquarters, increasing the office accommodation, providing additional stockrooms for the Equipment Department and adding a the Walker Memorial Hall, are approved by Sheffield City Council
Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II

Sheffield Scouts undertake many official duties in connection with the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. On Coronation Day, five Sheffield Queen's Scout and one Rover Scout have standing places along the Procession route in London and the District Commissioner (L M Pugh) is on duty outside Westminster Abbey. Queen's Scouts also take part in Sheffield's Civic Processions. On the two days preceding and on Coronation Day itself, Sheffield Scouts sell the official Coronation Programme (6650 in total). At the Chief Scout's request, Scouts in the City join Scouts throughout the country build a chain of beacons. Beacons are sited at Bole Hills, Graves Park, Moss Mine, Sky Edge, Wadsley Common and Wincobank. Lighting at 10.30pm is synchronised by rockets. Ten Patrol Leaders and one Rover from Sheffield join 4000 Scouts and Guides in a joint Thanksgiving Service in Westminster Abbey

In other events, 42 Queen's Scouts from South Yorkshire, at the invitation of Sir Harold West (Master Cutler and County Commissioner), form the Guard of Honour at the 317th Cutlers Feast. The Scouts wear navy blue uniforms, the County scarf and special stainless steel woggles. One of the attendees is Lord Rowallan, the Chief Scout

For a week in April, the South Yorkshire County Scout Pageant 'Send Her Victorious' is performed in the City Hall with a cast of over 600. Over 10,000 people see the Pageant including the Chief Scout

Also in April, HRH Princess Margaret visits Sheffield to open the new Rowlinson School and the Guard of Honour is formed by twenty Scout Patrol Leaders, representing all ten Scout Districts

Four Sheffield Groups enter the National Soapbox Derby. 'Right Monkey III' built by 232rd (St Mark's Malin Bridge) Group wins the Senior Scout Championship and is runner-up in the Cub Championship in the North Eastern Semifinals, but they are unplaced in the finals

Members of 210th (Firth Park School) Group start a handicapped section at King Edward VII Hospital, Rivelin and the 276th (Infantile Paralysis Group) is formed1

Five Sheffield Rovers attend the Fifth World Rover Moot at Kandersteg in Switzerland
The beret is permitted for Boy Scouts

Bob-a-Job raises £1944, with an estimated 31,450 jobs carried out by the Cubs, Scouts and Rovers of Sheffield

A South Yorkshire Rover Weekend and Conference is held in Sheffield with a Civic Reception, and a Dinner in the Cutlers Hall. After a Rovers' Own on the Sunday, the Conference with the theme 'Live Wire Rovering' is launched by the Master Cutler

In the National Soapbox Derby, Cubs from the 232nd (St Mark's Malin Bridge) achieve third place in the finals in Scarborough

Work begins on the extension to the City HQ in Trippet Lane

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