History of Scouting in the City of Sheffield 1955-60

In July, the Walker Memorial Hall and extensions to the City Scout Headquarters on Trippet Lane are opened by the Earl of Scarbrough

Four Scouts from Sheffield join the 1000 strong UK contingent at the 8th World Scout Jamboree at Niagara-on-the-Lake in Canada
Before departure, the Scouts are instructed in knife sharpening and each is given a set of steels and a knife sharpening service is set up at the Jamboree

The inclusion of physically handicapped boys continues with the 267th (Dore) Group opening a section at Ash House Hospital School, and the 210th (Firth Park School) Group has five Cubs at Thundercliffe Grange Hospital Annex and the 267th (Hillsborough Special School) Cubs joining in local Cub activities

With 'abrupt and startling suddenness', new regulations are brought in which set an upper age limit of 24 for Rover Scouts. Some would subsequently argue that this was the start of a loss of tradition within Groups and an end to a steady stream of in-house new leaders
New 'Rules for Rover Scouts' is published

The effect of the sudden reduction in the maximum age for Rover Scouts is immediately shown in the annual census returns with the number of Rover Scouts in the City falling from 170 to 97

The Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan, with the assistance of a helicopter, visits Doncaster, Barnsley, Hesley Park and King Edward VII Hospital in Rivelin where he meets physically handicapped Cubs and Scouts. At Hesley Park, he visits the campsites of almost 2000 Scouts including 550 from Sheffield and inspects an exhibition of pioneering projects. A signed photograph of the Chief Scout is presented to the 277th (Sutton) Troop for the best laid out campsite

Albert Harland dies

In Bob-a-Job Week, the Scouts again raise their total earnings - this year to £2394. The 59th (St Augustine's) Scouts receiving the first job of the week from the Lord Mayor

Leslie M Pugh resigns as District Commissioner and is succeeded by W Jenkins Gibson

The National Soapbox Derby Semi-Finals are held at RAF Norton. 5000 people attend and witness a car from 87th (Trinity Methodists) Group qualify for the Finals in Weston-super-mare

A rota of 12 Queen's or First Class Scouts act as messengers throughout an eight-day meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science

Patrol Leaders James Elliott and Christopher Parker of the 234th (WPS) Scout Group distinguish themselves by diving into a reservoir, pulling a boy to the bank and applying artificial respiration. They are rewarded with the Gilt Cross

A service is held in the City Hall to mark the 40th anniversary of Wolf Cubs

Training sessions for Senior Scouts are held at Endcliffe Grange, the former home of the Jessop family and, at the time, the county Police Headquarters

The National Conference of the BP Scout Guild is held in Sheffield with some 250 attendees including Lord Baden Powell, son of the founder, the Guildmaster

Due to ill-health, Miss F E Revill, after 33 years of service including 19 as the Association's General Secretary, retires. She is however appointed 'Organiser - Jubilee Celebrations'. Miss M Cotterill is appointed as Miss Revill's successor
'National Collective Good Turn Week'

Both the centenary of the the birth of the Movement's founder, Lord Baden Powell of Gilwell, and the fiftieth anniversary of the start of Scouting are celebrated. As the events are of equal importance to the Guide movement, the two organisations work together on the coordination of the events
The first joint Wolf Cub and Brownie Soap Box Derby is held at Norfolk Park, followed by a picnic and singsong
Scouters and Guiders along with members of the Trefoil Guild and BP Scout Guild attend a service at Sheffield Cathedral. During the service, a Scout and Guide flag is dedicated and laid in the St George's Chapel as a memorial to the Founder
Sir John Hunt (of Everest fame) speaks to Scouts and Guides in the City Hall on the subject of Leadership. This is followed by a March Past at which Sir John takes the salute
There is a Centenary Party held at Guide House organised by members of the Trefoil and BP Guilds. A week later a Rover/Ranger banquet is held there
The Civic Authorities acknowledge the significance of the Jubilee by planting a Jubilee flower bed in the Cathedral Chuchyard
A party of 77 Scouts, Senior Scouts, Rovers and Leaders attend the Jamboree Indaba and Moot along with 34,000 other Scouts at Sutton Park
In common with many other Districts, Sheffield entertains parties of Scouts on day trips from the Jamboree. Two parties, each of 500 Scouts, are successfully entertained with coach tours, works visits and individual hospitality. After the Jamboree, 150 Austrian Scouts are the guests of Scout hosts in the Sheffield area. 17 Scouts from Nyasaland (now Malawi) are guests of members of the Hillsborough Division. 34 Tanganyikan (now Tanzania) Scouts are entertained overnight by the 35th (St Oswald's) Group and 64 Belgian Scouts pay a fleeting visit

Away from the National Jubilee celebrations, Senior Scout D G Pointon of the 36th (Ranmoor) Group is the North of England representative at the American Jamboree at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

The Chief Scout, Lord Rowallan, visits the City, and at the invitation of the Sheffield Institute of Education, gives a public lecture on the subject of 'The Uniformed Organisations', one of a series under the heading 'The Service of Youth'. Earlier, he visits the 210th (Firth Park School) Group and cuts the first turf on the site of their new headquarters

After a lapse of several years, the Association's Swimming Gala is revived and is held at Heeley Baths

As part of the celebrations of Jubilee Year, the Senior Scouts of the City create a presentation of models of tents, kitchen areas, camp gadgets and a number of pioneering projects in the foyer of the Gaumont Cinema

The City's BP Scout Guild distribute 500 Christmas parcels, provided by the Sheffield Telegraph and Star to 500 'old folk'
First Jamboree-on-the-Air (JOTA)

1958 is the 40th anniversary of the founding of Rover Scouting and four Sheffield Rovers attend the National Rover Moot at Auchengillen in Scotland

Locally, more than 120 Rovers, Rover Squires (uninvested Rover Scouts) and Scouters attend the Sheffield Rover Scout Conference at the City Memorial Hall and the Walker Memorial Hall

In April, the the 233rd (Darnall Congregational) Scouts perform the year's first Bob-a-Job for the Lord Mayor helping to raise the City's total of £2840

The BP Scout Guild again distributes 500 parcels at Christmas

The 1st (Croft House) Scout Group celebrates its 50th anniversary, the first Group in the City to do so

Through the generosity of a Miss Stringer, the 61st (Wincobank) Scout Group acquires a house on Standon Road for a headquarters and the County Commissioner, Sir Harold West, presides at the opening ceremony

A holding company, Sheffield Boy Scouts (Holdings) Ltd, limited by guarantee, is set up with the purpose of taking over the considerable investments of the Association and the increasing number of properties. These have previously been held in the names of various officials. It is hoped that not only the company will act a custodian in perpetuity for the Association property but that it will perform a similar function for Groups with a similar problem in that their land and buildings are in the names of trustees
Sir Charles MacLean is appointed Chief Scout

The Annual Scout St George's Day Service at the City Hall is notable for its record audience and a number are unable to obtain seats

In July, the 'Wolf Cub Revels' are held in Norfolk Park with some 1200 Wolf Cubs from all ten Districts welcoming the guests with a Grand Howl followed by costume displays running from Ancient Britons through to Cubbing in the 21st Century

'The Autumn Gathering', the first Senior Scout Rally to be held in the City takes place in the form of a weekend camp at Whitely Wood Hall. Over 200 campers take part

The 11th (Pitsmoor) Scout Group, the second oldest in the City, celebrates its 50th Anniversary. After 50 years' membership of the Group, H H Marshall resigns.


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